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Inverted Vee Diagram
The basic formula for determining the wire length of a center fed, 1/2 wave wire dipole or inverted Vee antenna is:
143 ÷ freq(mhz) = Length(metres).

The inverted Vee antenna will be shorter by 2 - 5%  depending on the angle from horizontal.  

Dipoles have a feed point of about 75Ω in free space, and can be fed with 50Ω to 75Ω coax with or without a 1:1 balun. Inverted Vee's present closer to 50Ω due to the effect of the ground being close to the tip of each leg. Feed your inverted vee with 50Ω coaxial cable, with or without a 1:1 balun. You can also feed with 300Ω or 450Ω balanced feeder into an ATU with balanced terminals. This will then work better as a multiband antenna.

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Inverted Vee, approximate angle from horizontal.

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Inverted Vee
Inverted Vee length 
Assuming level ground, the minimum height of vee will be  (length of leg * sin(angle from horizontal) plus the height of end points of vee above ground. The horizontal spread of Vee will be the distance from end point to end point, plus the tie off points.
Inverted Vee Each leg 
Minimum vertical height 
Minimum horizontal spread
Straight Dipole
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